Baby Comes Home

The innocence of early childhood is the “ideal” condition for the crystalline mind to witness the unfolding of the soul into the child’s consciousness, for the release of all its love to permeate the young child’s body and mind to be reflected back to all those around.

Usually at this time, the mind and the soul are unlikely to be burdened by the pollution of the ego or by negative emotions. Thus, the sooner the parents set in motion their child’s appreciation of the spiritual observations, insights, and teachings contained in this book, the sooner he or she will feel secure to resist the negative influences from the outside world so as not to be derailed from achieving the soul’s destiny.



Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Jorge F. Cassir, MD

He is a physician with over thirty years of experience taking care of cancer patients. When he suffered a life-threatening cardiac event, he knew that the only chance that he had to see his children graduate from college was if he changed his lifestyle.

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